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About Carla J. Zolman

Carla J. Zolman practices exclusively in non-contested family law cases in the metropolitan St. Louis area. She ensures to take the time to talk at length with her clients and develop a personalized approach to their cases. Her goal is to help every client get the best results at an affordable price.
Zolman didn’t start out as a lawyer; she initially majored in Engineering Management (Industrial Engineering) with a minor in Civil Engineering. At the University of Missouri at Rolla, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree with Magna Cum Laude.
Finally, after spending over 16 years in the corporate world, Zolman decided to pursue her lifelong dream of attending law school. Soon, she acquired her Juris Doctorate from the St. Louis University School of Law while still working full time.
Along with helping her clients, Carla is passionate about the St. Louis Cardinals, taking care of her family, and raising three Border Collies.

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