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Legal Separation in St. Louis

If you are going through a rough time in your marriage but you don’t believe that a divorce is right for your situation, a Legal Separation may be the right choice for you.

A legal separation will divide property and establish custody arrangements and support much like a divorce, but allows the parties an opportunity to attempt reconciliation without ending the marriage.

Typically, we find that the great majority of potential clients who call us are not aware of the difference between a divorce (officially called dissolution in Missouri), and a legal separation.

Common Misconceptions

Legal Separation is …

A stage in all divorces. It is not.

Less extensive, therefore requires less paperwork. Wrong. A legal separation takes the same amount of time and paperwork as a divorce.

Less time intensive. Again, not true.

Significantly cheaper than a divorce. They represent similar cost structures.

At the Zolman Law Firm, we handle legal separation cases across the St. Louis metro area and will work with your individual circumstances to provide the necessary legal counsel for your situation.

The next logical question then becomes “why would someone spend the money, time, and experience the same stress level and end up still married?” Typically, the answer is one of two reasons:

  1. The couple, or one of the spouses, has a religious objection or prohibition to divorce.
  2. One party has the access to health care at a reasonable cost, or no cost at all, and the other spouse has a major illness and needs to remain on the other’s health care.

Obtaining a legal separation allows the couple to divide up assets and debts, provide for child custody, child support and spousal support, and yet remain married. The parties need to remember that they cannot marry another and that their taxes must be filed as married, whether they file taxes jointly or not.

The other key item to remember is that 90 days after the legal separation is granted, either party may file a motion with the court to convert their legal separation to a divorce (dissolution). This process is rather simple as the terms of the divorce have already been set during the legal separation process.

Contact the Zolman Law Firm in St. Louis to schedule a consultation to discuss your options so you are informed to make the best decision for your needs. Whatever your decision may be, you can count on the Attorneys at Zolman Law Firm to protect your interests and represent you throughout this challenging time.

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