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Family Law in St. Louis

Family Law is composed of many different types of cases that can all be grouped together under this general title. The following is a list of the most common types for which our family law attorneys at Zolman Law Firm have experience.


Divorce (called dissolution in Missouri) is by far the most commonly encountered type of family law. Divorces come in two forms, non-contested and contested, and can be a highly emotional and draining situation for those involved. We are experienced in these cases and will manage your needs head-on.

Legal Separation

This type of case allows for couples to live apart, without dissolving their marriage. This is the ideal choice when divorce is not preferable, based on certain circumstances.


When people have a child or children born outside of a marriage, a paternity case is often filed with the court to reach an enforceable judgment covering child custody, child support, visitation, health insurance for the child, and sometimes a request for a change of name for the child.

Adult Name Change

Sometimes adults wish to change their name and unless that change of name is harmful to another person, the court will grant such a request upon filing the correct paperwork with the court, participating in a brief testimonial court appearance, and publishing the name change in an official legal publication.

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