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Unfortunately, not all divorce cases can be uncontested. When you and your spouse are not able to resolve the sometimes complex issues involved in a dissolution, you will need an experienced divorce attorney you can trust to represent you during this difficult time.

Our divorce lawyers will listen to your concerns and discuss what strategy best suits your individualized circumstances. Whether your case can be resolved through a negotiated settlement or proceeds to a trial, our seasoned divorce attorneys are dedicated to fully representing and fighting for you.

A contested divorce does not mean that we stop trying to settle the case prior to the trial. Even narrowing the number of issues to those that can’t be agreed upon, gives the judge a head-start on making his or her decision and allows you and your divorce attorney to concentrate on the issues that need to be addressed.

Preparing for Trial

The key to helping our clients prepare for trial is for our divorce lawyers to be equipped for each-and-every court appearance and to begin gathering information at the earliest possible point in the case. There is simply no reason to appear in court without having prepared for the court appearance as nothing will be accomplished.

Our seasoned staff of contested divorce attorneys will build your case from the bottom-up. And when it comes to the day of trial, we are ready. We also take the time to prep you, our client, to put your best foot forward.

Our team of divorce attorneys are dedicated and prepared to help you with your contested divorce. Contact Zolman Law Firm in St. Louis for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your divorce, at 314.846.6633.

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