Steps to Getting an Uncontested Divorce

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How Do You Get an Uncontested Divorce?

Are you looking to get an uncontested divorce and need the support of a qualified uncontested divorce lawyer? Here are the steps to take:

  1. As the person filing the divorce case (also known as the petitioner), you start by deciding how you want to terminate your marriage.
  2. Determine your priorities—is it winning or maintaining your resources as best as you can without a fight.
  3. You then fill out all the necessary forms, filing them with the courthouse, and paying the necessary fees.
  4. Your spouse will have 30 days to then file a response and pay the necessary filing fees.
  5. The next step is the preliminary declaration of disclosure, in which each party exchanges financial documents and decides how to divide their assets and debt.
  6. Once both parties reach an agreement, the court will approve and sign a judgment that allows them to become legally separate.

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